About us

The story of Elvira Pippel and Sophie Reichert begins in 2021 in Dresden. We met there through our shared work in a simulation laboratory. It quickly became clear that our views and working methods complemented each other harmoniously and productively with our respective expertise. On March 25, 2024, after intensive preparation, HejSim GmbH was founded in Berlin. Through our expertise and many years of experience, we are able to immerse participants in the complex world of simulation and make it usable for their own needs and with their own resources.

Our values in collaboration are scientific rigor, continuous development, flexibility, humor, and humanity. We aim not only to impart knowledge but to create a transformative learning experience that unleashes the potential of learners and fosters spaces for reflection. We scrutinize everything, delve into the depths of things, and operate according to best practice standards. The satisfaction of our clients drives us. We settle for nothing less than 100% satisfaction. We rely on creative approaches, new perspectives, and agility.

We founded the HejSim GmbH with the mission, to bridge the gap between curious, aspiring, and experienced simulation experts. With our offerings, we promote education and professional development for educators in the field of simulation learning. We are building a robust network for simulation in Germany and expanding it across borders. 

Our shared vision for the future of simulation-based learning in Germany and beyond entails connecting with other individuals and professions. We aim to establish internationally used standards in simulation-based learning. Through our offerings, we provide the opportunity to establish simulation-based learning on a solid foundation, enabling further professionalization to occur.

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